Hannah R.

Pre-licensure Ambassadors at Emory University School of Nursing


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: InEmory MN, Master's

Program Delivery: Full Time

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2023

What has been the highlight of nursing school so far?

I've loved going to clinical and have had amazing clinical instructors thus far. It's really interesting to try out different areas of nursing and getting to talk to a variety of nurses about their experiences and career trajectories. I'm always leaving clinical with new knowledge and experiences that not only help me in the classroom, but also help me in deciding where I see myself after my program is over.

I chose Emory because...

Emory is my alma mater, and I really enjoyed my time here in undergrad. There is a wide variety of academics, taught by so many fantastic professors, and I really felt that my education was challenging, meaningful, and helpful in both shaping and expanding my worldview and personal beliefs. I also met some really incredible people at Emory who gave me a ton of support and genuine kindness throughout my school years, including BSN graduates that strongly supported my decision to return to Emory to pursue nursing school. Given my undergrad experience, Emory had to be top of my list when applying for master's of nursing programs.

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

finding new places to explore & try out. I've been in the Atlanta area for 6 years now, so I do feel like I've knocked out many popular places to visit. But new restaurants, bars, & activities are always popping up, and I'm always eager to try something new!

Before nursing school, I was...

a high school English teacher at a private school in Alpharetta, GA. I mainly taught 9th grade English Literature & Composition, but I also had the opportunity to work with 10th-12th grade students in support classes. I really enjoyed working with my students and helping them in a subject that is often not everyone's favorite.

I'm passionate about...

LGBTQIA+ Women's Health pediatrics Music Learning New Languages English Nursing Psychology Coffee Cooking/Baking Outdoors Running Helping Others Sleeping Learning New Things Board Games Video Games Movies Fitness Reading Disney Harry Potter Travel Food Animals

I'm involved with...

​Emory Student Ambassador Tour Guide Rock Climbing Patient Care Assistant/Nurse Tech Women's Club Ultimate Frisbee
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